Happy Senior Couple From Behind Looking at Front of House.

Selling a home that has been lived in for many years can be a difficult & overwhelming process. It requires letting go and stepping away from the multitude of memories that were made in the home. Here are five tips for seniors looking to sell their home.

Get Expert Help

A realtor should be one of your first calls as they can help you talk about your options when it comes to selling. Since a realtor doesn’t have any emotional attachment to the house, they will be able to be matter of fact and tell you the current market value of the home.  A realtor will also let you know which items should be updated to get the most money out of the house.

Depending on your situation and where you plan to move, it might be a wise decision to also consult with a lawyer. Seeking legal and tax advice about selling a home is always advised to ensure you are making the most well-informed decisions.


After years of living in a home, personal belongings tend to accumulate and when it comes to selling a home it is best to declutter before putting it on the market.  It is easiest to systematically go through each room, closet, and storage area. You can use stickers or place items in different piles whether you plan on donating, gifting, trashing, or keeping items. Now is the perfect time to pass down antiques to family members or hire an appraiser to find their true values. Less valuable items can be donated to non-profit businesses such as the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity Restores, and Goodwill.

Update & Repair

Buyers prefer move-in ready homes, so now is the time to update broken, leaking, or cracked fixtures. A fresh coat of neutral paint will help dull walls come to life and a professional carpet cleaning will make carpets seem like new. Update any outdated light fixtures and remove curtains to allow natural light to flow in.

To get the most money out of the home, consider a kitchen or bathroom remodel. If your timeline doesn’t allow for a major renovation you can do simple updates such as replacing light fixtures, faucets, and hinges. In the bathrooms add a few stacked washcloths tied with a ribbon, add lightly scented candles, and buy matching towels. You might also consider hiring a professional stager, who will bring in modern furniture and create an inviting layout to enhance the homes attractiveness to potential buyers.

Clean Inside & Out

One of the last steps inside the home is to give it a good cleaning whether you do it yourself or hire a cleaning company. A couple hours spent washing windows, vacuuming, dusting, wiping down all surfaces, and polishing appliances will make the home sparkle.

Curb Appeal

Lastly, perform a residential facelift by trimming unruly shrubs, adding flowers, mowing the lawn, painting faded trim, and giving the front door a fresh coat of paint.  The outside of the home is the first thing potential buyers will see in pictures and when they drive up for a showing, so you will want to make the landscaping look attractive.

The goal is to make the home look clean & inviting so that the next family will enjoy it as much as you did.  If you are ready to take the next step in selling, contact local Littleton realtor, Mike Lies with Gold Compass Real Estate at 303-325-5690 or email sales@coloradohomeblog.com.