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Assured Assisted Living Homes are Specialty Memory Care Homes designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of residents with memory impairments, while providing peace of mind and ongoing support to their families. Our assisted living for Alzheimer’s, Castle Rock, Parker, Littleton and Centennial Locations, are designed to fit you and your loved ones’ needs.

Assured Assisted Living Residential Care

Our residential care focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s and other dementia related diseases that result in memory loss. We provide programs and services utilizing the latest knowledge and techniques which adapt to the changing behavioral and communication needs that occur with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Home Environment

Most professionals agree that memory impaired individuals function better when they live in a smaller environment with a familiar group of people. As a result, we refuse to have any “home-like” facilities. We have real homes in real neighborhoods similar to the ones our residents have lived in their entire lives.

Who We Are

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our residents suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Read more

What We Do

Assured Assisted Living offers a full range of services to provide a supportive environment for residents with dementia. Read More

Alzheimer’s Daily Activities

We are always working to improve our activities. Click here to find activities of Assured Assisted Living

Your Alzheimers Questions Answered!

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We love hearing from families who have had good experiences with our Alzheimers care in our locations. Read it here

Alzheimers Care Blog

it’s important to have resources to turn to, and that’s why we created the Alzheimers Care Colorado blog.

At Assured Assisted Living we are committed to helping your loved one achieve the highest level of functioning possible while enhancing the quality of their lives, which is achieved by careful monitoring, social stimulation, dietary observation, and a supportive environment that emphasizes life purpose.

Compare Memory Care Homes to Large Institutions

Memory Care Homes

1:4 staff to resident ratio
Continuity of Staff
Familiar, 1 Level Home
Family style dinning
Individualized activities
Quiet, Stable Environment
Reduction in Anxiety/Behaviors
Personal, Intimate home feeling
Individualized Care Needs

Large Institutions

1:10 staff to resident ratio
Frequent staff shift changes
Multiple levels of the facility
Large dining room
Large group activities
Noisy/Busy Environment
Anxiety/Behavior Outbursts
Institutional feeling
General Institutional Care

Personal Attention From An Expert Team

Assured Assisted Living’s team includes Sheryl Thompson, RN Administrator who is also a Certified Memory Impairment Specialist Instructor and her husband John Thompson. Their passion and dedication in providing the “Gold Standard” for Memory Care was due to the desire for wanting the “best” nursing home alternative and an intimate, personalized home environment for Sheryl’s father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1994. With over 16 years of experience in the ownership and management of 3 successful Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Companies we plan to continue our expertise and passion in serving the needs of our residents at Assured Assisted Living with the same dedication of service and quality of care as we have in the past.

In-Home Professional Services Available

Our homes offer our residents and their families the highest quality of care. To maintain this type of care we have available twice weekly visits by a physician assistant and/or doctor from a Gerontology Physician Group that will make house calls. Portable x-rays and all lab work can also be completed in the home.

We can also arrange for in-home visits from outside services such as physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, dental and podiatry visits for our residents. The resident does not need to leave the safety of the home or the familiar surroundings.

We welcome you to call for a personal tour so you can see firsthand the services of Assured Assisted Living and how we may meet your family’s unique needs.

End of Life Hospice Services

To continue our dedicated service throughout the end of life we work closely with Hospice to help ensure the highest quality of care.

We want to provide our families comfort in knowing their loved one will be able to stay in their “home” rather than moving to another facility during end stage dementia care. Hospice nurses and aids are able to team together with Assured Assisted Living staff to make staying at “home” possible.

Family Participation and Support

At Assured Assisted Living we know that Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia affect the entire family. We are passionate about providing the best possible care for each of our residents. We believe that an active partnership with the families serves as the foundation for providing individualized care for your loved one.

Peace of Mind

Assured Assisted Living homes are CDP (Certified Dementia Practioner) owned and operated homes, with Nine Alzheimers Facilities in Castle Rock, Parker, Littleton and Centennial Colorado and licensed by the Colorado State Health Department.

We provide care in both Alzheimers Assisted Living Castle Rock as well as Alzheimers Assisted Living Parker which covers a large area of the southern Denver Metro area in Arapahoe and Douglas County.

You can be assured of quality care as well as peace of mind knowing your family member will receive the comprehensive services, personal care, and emotional support he or she needs, 24 hours a day.

Be sure to read our Alzheimers Caregiver Tips as well as our Alzheimers Resources Page.

We welcome you to call for a personal tour so you can see firsthand the services of Assured Assisted Living and how we may meet your family’s unique needs.

Francis LeGasse Jr, CDP is on call to assist you and your loved one at: (303) 814-2688

Secured Memory Care Homes vs. Non-secured Assisted Living Facilities

First of all, many families will say that their loved one is not at risk for wandering and as such do not need a secured environment. They also believe that mixing resident populations will somehow improve their loved one’s memory by socializing with alert, cognitive residents.

This is a myth and in fact can cause more confusion, anxiety and even increased behavior issues for the memory impaired resident. Sometimes even a simple problem like a memory impaired resident repeating a question over and over to an alert, cognitive resident can eventually escalate to frustration, anger and isolation between the residents. The staff in regular assisted living facilities have only the basic skills for working with a resident with dementia, so they are not properly trained in using behavior management techniques such as redirection or diversion.

Another issue in mixing the type of residents is the activity programming. Residents who do not have dementia will want to watch regular TV programs such as “Soap Operas”, daytime talk shows, the news, etc., that will just cause more confusion to the resident with dementia. This is just “Noise” to the dementia resident that could lead to increased anxiety or behavior outbursts, which in turn is often times controlled by unnecessary anti-anxiety or behavior medications for the dementia resident.

It’s not really fair for any of the residents, as the cognitive residents have the right to set their own activity programming and the dementia resident needs to be in a calm, structured environment to reduce anxiety and behavior issues. Mixing the two types of residents can be a recipe for problems for the residents and overwhelming to the staff not trained to work with residents with dementia.

So when it comes to needing Secured vs Non-secured it really is about the home being “Dementia Specific” with the programming, staff and environment that is specialized for the care of residents with Memory Issues. The “Secured Door” is only a safety precaution.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive disease and you want to ensure that your loved ones will actually be able to “Age in Place” through all stages of the disease. You also want an environment that is a calming, structured environment that is conducive to the dementia resident’s unique needs, especially as the disease progresses.

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Assured Assisted Living Paonia Court Location

West of I-25. Located off Wolfensberger Road in the beautiful “Red Hawk” golf course community.

Assured Assisted Living Tarpan Place Location 1

East of the I-25. Located off Woodlands Blvd. in the beautiful community of “The Haven”.

Assured Assisted Living Tarpan Place Location 3

East of the I-25. Located off Woodlands Blvd. in the beautiful community of “The Haven”.

Assured Assisted Living Sapling Court Location

West of I-25. Located off Wolfensberger Road in the beautiful “Red Hawk” golf course community.

Assured Assisted Living Thatch Circle Location

West of I-25. Located off Wolfensberger Road in the beautiful “Red Hawk” golf course community.

Assured Assisted Living Wagontrail Court Location

South Parker Located off Parker Road in the beautiful “Pradera” golf course community.

Assured Assisted Living Riverstone Drive Location

North Parker located off Lincoln Avenue in the beautiful “Stonegate” Community

Assured Assisted Living Meadowbrook Place Location

Assured Assisted Living Andes Court Location