More then bingo and activities in assisted living castle rock colorado

When considering a senior care facility for yourself or on behalf of your loved one, it is important to identify residential communities that offer a variety of assisted living activities for seniors and events to become engaged in. No matter what a person’s age or abilities, there are an endless number of ways to keep the mind and body fully engaged and active. It’s not just about Bingo anymore!

The Importance of Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

Every person has their own standardized routine for the day. It is something that we come to know, expect, and enjoy. Activities offered at Assured Assisted Living facilities help to provide a similar amount of structure and enjoyment for residents in our community.
Because we often work with individuals suffering from memory impairment, it is especially important that a routine be provided and carefully followed in order to offer the person with events that are familiar to them. Gradually, our care specialists will work to broaden this list of expected activities to include more engaging and fulfilling opportunities for you and your loved ones.

5 Incredible Benefits of Creating Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

Not only will engagement in several types of assisted living activities offered by our elderly care professionals help to establish a routine as a senior begins their transition into our facility, but their growing participation can also lead to many other kinds of positive outcomes, including:

Improved cognitive function: Research continually shows that frequently involving one’s self in social activities helps to keep the mind sharp and attentive. The mental focus needed to strategize during a board game, to perform exercise routines as instructed, or even to hold a pleasant conversation with another resident all contribute toward bettering an individual’s cognitive abilities.
Getting more restful sleep: If the body and mind are not expending enough energy throughout the day, it can lead to difficulty falling or staying asleep. Adults who engage themselves both mentally and physically are able to use much more of their energy, which helps to quiet the mind when it is time for sleep and set the individual up for a much more successful morning.
Preventing or better managing mental illness: Seniors that become involved in programs that they truly enjoy are more likely to have a positive outlook on life. Maintaining a positive mindset has been shown to significantly relieve symptoms commonly associated with depression.
Making new friends: The genuine connection that the members of our assisted living communities are able to make with one another while working toward a common goal together helps to build meaningful and lasting relationships. This is also one of the quickest ways to make Assured Assisted Living feel a bit more like a welcoming and supportive home for those who may be new to our assisted living facilities.
Life-long benefits: Seniors that are able to express themselves through different types of leisurely activities and grow their social circle are often able to achieve a higher quality of life. This typically leads to lower stress levels, and the adoption of healthier habits that others around them are likely to continue to encourage.

Equal Participation Opportunities for All

It is common for new members of the Assured Assisted Living community to assume that their options for fun assisted living activities at a facility are limited based on their physical abilities, but this is simply not true! As a company that is fully dedicated to aging individuals and their needs, we understand and accept the common challenges associated with growing older. Even if mobility is limited, the amount of enjoyment our residents can gain from our programs is not.
A large portion of the activities for seniors in assisted living that our staff offer have no physical requirements, such as:

• Movie screenings
• Art therapy
• Karaoke
• Table games
• Pet therapy

For exercise hour, modified techniques and varying skill levels can fully be utilized to give everyone in the room a chance to participate of their abilities.

We are also always open to considering new suggestions for assisted living activity ideas because the happiness and creativity of our residents is crucial to our community. Activities for the elderly do not need to be restricted to the one and only game of Bingo (although we do regularly offer exciting rounds of this classic game for our residents). At Assured Assisted Living, our care team is here to help each and every person in our facilities find what they are passionate about bringing into their life.

For more details on our activities or additional services offered by each of our facilities throughout the Castle Rock, Colorado, area, please call (303) 814-2688 to schedule a personalized visit today!