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When Alzheimers is part of your life, whether personally or with someone you love, it’s important to have resources to turn to, and that’s why we created the Alzheimers Care Colorado blog.  Let us be a resource for basics on caring for a loved one with Alzheimers, understanding your options, and how to manage this illness.


Go Gracefully Into Your Senior Years

Authored by: Karen Weeks of As the years tick by, there are obvious signs that you are nearing the senior stage of your life, such as frosted locks and wrinkles where there were none before. However, there are several chronic diseases that you are at...

Dementia’s Effects on the Sleep Cycle

Nearly 46 percent of aging adults report having trouble sleeping at one time or another. Dementia adds another dimension to the growing problem of sleeplessness amongst older adults, as some studies have shown that nearly a quarter of Alzheimer’s patients alone suffer...

Learning to Live After the Death of a Spouse

Written By: Karen Weeks of Elder Wellness ( The death of a spouse is ranked as life’s single most stressful event. Losing the person you’ve shared your life with for decades, who you’ve raised children and navigated life’s ever-changing challenges...

How Seniors Can Get a Better Night’s Sleep

By: Karen Weeks of Elder Wellness ( Most older adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep each night, yet a poll of 1,065 seniors between the ages 65 and 80 revealed that one in three individuals had problems getting adequate shuteye....

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